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Kayak Rentals

Quick Details

Single Kayak 2hrs Rental
Single Kayak All Day Rental
Single Kayak Week Rental
Tandem Kayak 2hrs Rental
Tandem Kayak Day Rental
Tandem Kayak Week Rental
2-Hour Rental
All-Day Rental
One-Week Rental

Rent a Kayak to Paddle around Maui, Hawaii

Tandem Kayaks are perfect for beginners, young children, and two paddlers who want to go at a slower pace by taking breaks now and again. The provide a great opportunity to practice the basic techniques of kayaking.

Single Kayaks only seat one person. Ideal for the independent individual who wants to go exploring, glide through calm, paddle through choppy waters, or in general looking for some exercise.

Reserve your Kayak equipment with Maui Kayaks for up to two hours, a full day, or a week.